mandag 8. november 2010

Angels and Paulo Coelho ;)

What?! Is it Monday already?! And in fact... Monday's almost over here in Norway!! Where does the time go?! It went so fast, I almost missed this week's challenge at Flutter By Wednesday's!! But, I'm posting one of my "qualified" creations. I'm making lots of creations with angels, fairies or butterflies - and since this week is an open challenge, it's easy peasy to enter!!! ;)
I know you people don't believe me when I'm telling about all the snow here. Today I've been working at school, and we've been making snowcastles, snowmen and sleighing. Wish I had some pictures to show you, we had so much fun!
But at least, I can show you some pics of a picture I've made as a Christmas present. It's size is 30x30 cm and I've made it with decoupage with a paper napkin ;)
Here are the pics:

I'm a big fan of Paulo Coelho, and added a beautiful quote to the picture. I'm no good at translations, but it says something like: " Love is watching the same mountains from different angles "

The adorable angels ;)

Just wanted to show you a picture of a candle I've decorated. I'm a little sceptical to decorate candles because of the fear of fire - but I just had to decorate with this fantastic angel rubon and some ribbon ;)

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