onsdag 7. april 2010

Barna lager kort :)

We had a really fun time last night, my two oldest kids and I. And today we have finished our projects while their little brother was taking a nap :)
I'm so happy that Karens Doodles har started a own challenge blog own challenge blog for kids. Her images are SO cute, and both kids wanted to use Easter Puppy for their projects. They had so much fun while they were coloring and making their cards - and I was working on my own card for an other challenge :)
The kids were using this weeks sketch for their project, you can find it here.

Some pictures I took during the card making :

Very consentrated...

Time for decorating

Here's Vebjørn's (3 1/2 years) finished project. Silver and gold paper, and some star, flowers and blue blings. He didn't want any ribbons on, he thought it was too "girly"... *lol* And the green paper under the dog's "egg" is a snowboard, he say ;o)

Here's a picture og Martine's (7 years) finished project. It's a little hard to see, but she has used glitterglue to decorate the Puppy's egg.

Both of the finished cards. I think they did a terrific job! ;)

And in the end I wanna say thank you so much to Karens Doodles for starting this Kid's blog, they find it so much fun when they can make their own project together with their paperaddicted mum ;o) 

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  1. Wow så koselig!!! Ser ungene koser seg ordentlig; og så flinke de er da :-)
    Fint å kunne scrappe med ungene.
    Ha en fin ukeslutt!
    Klem Guro

  2. Wonderful cards from both of your kids. Thank you so much for joining us at KD Kids this challenge. Hope to see the kids (and you!) participate again. Love the pictures of them crafting away.

  3. This is such a wonderful memory for your children! I think their cards are so adorable!....And the fact that you took pictures of them crafting adds to the whole experience! Great Job Cuties!


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